Thursday, September 10, 2015

Port Rom - StayOS Lynx Version1 and Version2 - MT6592

by jonacxDGreat

"Stay Cool, Stay With Us."

What's New: Version 1
Flash with aroma installer
Added Sound mod during flashing
  1. Dolby Atmos
  2. Maxx Audio
Added Xposed Installer w/ Flat Style Colored bars module
Added dGreat Music Plus
Recompiled boot.img for init.d support after bootanimation loaded
Marshmallow bootanimation
Packshit tweaks by JDG 


- Reboot to custom recovery
- Backup existing rom is optional
- Backup NVRAM is a must
- Select zip file
- Flash the ro
- Wait till finish
- Reboot
- Be patience...

Download: Stay OS v1

Stay OS Team-Dev-Community
Maximum Dev/Port Team
Lynx Groups and members
The Beta testers...

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