Monday, October 19, 2015

CyanogenOS R2 12.1.5 MT6592 - Lynx - Ulefone Be Pure (MTK)

by jonacx D Great

All Cyanogen OS 12 Apps:
- Cyanogen OS Per App Themer
- Boxer Email App
- CMFileManager
- CMWallpapers
- GalleryNext
- Hexo Theme from CyanogenOS 12 (activate it in the CM Theme Engine on your phone)
- LockClock
- MaxxAudioFX
- NextBit
- Truecaller (incoming in CyanogenOS 12.1, but I have it alreay here)
- Screencast
- CM Theme Showcase
- Sound Recorder
- Terminal
- Theme Store
- Trebuchet Launcher
- Google Conenctivity Services
- Ambient Core (Cyanogen OS 12 Account Manager - important, dont delete it!)
- Android For Work
- Eleven Music App
- Face Lock
- Media Provider
- Theme Chooser
- Quickboot ( Enable quickboot in Developer Options)
- Cool Dark Theme by jonacxDGreat
- DGreatMusicPlus
- Dolby Atmos added
- Storage Fixed (Internal, SDCard and OTG)
- MTP enabled

Fixed Launcher
Fixed widget
MTP - both internal and sdcard enable in pc (can be viewed)
Hotspot - not tested yet.. (just try)
Storage - back to emulated
and much more.. just explorer


How to Install:

Reboot to custom recovery
Reboot phone
Run phone as normal
Reboot again to recovery and install patch (need to install this)
Reboot and enjoy...

Post Installation:

Open settings - About Phone - Enable Advance mode
Back to settings - Notification drawer - Quick Settings panel (Select and order tiles)
                             tap reset icon on right
Settings - Developer options - enable Advance reboot
Settings - Developer options - Root access - Apps and ADB
Settings - developer options - Enable QuickBoot mode (optional)

Maximum Dev/Port Team
Lynx Port Team and Admins
Lynx members and beta testers
Cyanogenmod Team
My rom followers


Philz Touch Recovery:

CyanogenOS R2

CyanogenOS R2 patch!yxsEBAqC!NIX4S1JFrRVruKSxuOTqQejg1ivpBQgeGDBQvfGHVDw


  1. Pls can e work with infinix hot note pro mt6592?

  2. boss anung pinag ka iba neto sa dateng cynogen poh?

  3. Bro can you help me to crossport it to my phone... sabi kasi ni kuya danielle bote na help mo raw sya... po profile ko sa fg.. tnx

    Hirap ipa boot

  4. Hey can you post dGreat Music Plus app?

  5. Do u have a mirror link? Downloading through media fire takes forever. Tia